The Leadership Circle Profile

The Leadership Circle Profile is a multi-rater 360 feedback tool that provides leaders and managers with a profile of such detail that the priorities for their further development are readily identified.

The profile provides both self-assessment and multi-rater assessment of 18 creative traits and 11 reactive behaviours. The tool is based on strong research that correlates scores on each of these 29 traits with leadership effectiveness and business performance such that it is easy to identify and act on the creative traits that will enhance leadership effectiveness, or address and reduce reactive behaviours that diminish leadership effectiveness. 

As a basis for issue identification and executive coach goal setting, The Leadership Circle Profile is an outstanding tool which is now in widespread use around the business world.

Read more (PDF 1.6MB). Watch The Leadership Circle Profile video.

Would you like to take The Leadership Circle assessment? You will need a minimum of 10 raters in the categories or boss, peers, subordinates, and others. Choose people who have your best interests in mind and will give you caring and concerned feedback. After your profile report is ready, you will need at least two 90-minute coaching sessions to debrief and prepare your individual development plan. If you are interested click here to contact Duncan.

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